Punit Wagle-Version 2.0

Punit Wagle
3 min readMay 8, 2021

It's 2026. Finally, the world is free from the Covid-19 pandemic. People can breathe freely without masks on, hug and greet people like the old golden days.

One thing the pandemic realized is we lack proper healthcare. Punit Wagle, today is an established professional health coach. He works in conjunction with doctors and healthcare professionals to help people recover from morbid diseases. He truly believes that people should be accountable for their health, properly guided and motivated to prefer the best health options to better health and wellness. He uses motivational interviewing and positive psychology to build an optimistic mindset amongst his clients.

Punit is also an emerging entrepreneur and blogger. He constantly inspires people to foresee the best practices to improve their health through his health blog. India is the country of Ayurveda. Due to his exceptional digital marketing skills, he reaches out to a broader society leading to a great health transformation. He is also the founder & CEO of a health tonic brand that improves immunity and gut health.
Apart from this, Punit is an ardent investor. He invests in stocks and cryptocurrencies and has recorded good returns in the last few years. He guides many of his followers on trading in options and crypto. He also owns a company that teaches young students and teenagers about value investing. He firmly believes the sooner one plants a tree the earlier he reaps its fruit. The sooner a person starts investing, the earlier they reap its benefits. He constantly strives to raise awareness and educate youth to invest young, although in small amounts.

Punit is a professional rock climber and scuba diver. He is very passionate about adventures. In 2020, he learned rock climbing and has been practising since. He has scaled Vazir pinnacle, Duke's nose, Kalkarai pinnacle, Tail-Baila among others. He educates young about safe practices to enjoy the sport. Recently he has learned Scuba and is now seeking bliss underwaters.

Punit is also a fitness enthusiast. His prime occupation of being a health coach and his hobby of rock climbing asks him to maintain his good health and strength. He regularly exercises, mediates as he follows a healthy body and the mind is a fertilizer for unique thoughts and creations.

He preaches, Plan your goal fearlessly, and then chase it like a bull. Given the last 5 years, he has scaled immensely and credits his digital marketing training programs he undertook which help him reach new heights in business and personal life.

Now he is planning to buy a luxurious house in Mumbai with all the investments he started when he was young.