<First name>, Here’s How I achieved my Fitness Goals in 2 Months

Punit Wagle
3 min readOct 24, 2021


Did you know about 40% of gym-goers aren't able to achieve their fitness goals for the mere reason of improper knowledge of fitness and bodybuilding? Even I was one of them. I used to relentlessly sweat out in the gym just lifting heavier weights and tiring cardio. Little did I know the science behind this art of muscle building. Soon I realized it is not only about how much you lift but more to it.

So, What's the Secret?

Scanning through my Instagram feed one day I came across this course which promised me to realize my fitness goals in 2 months- The Real Art and Science of Muscle Building. The course stressed its ability to achieve results through science-backed facts and techniques. My inability to convert my gym time to produce muscle-building invoked my curiosity to find out more. I scanned through the landing page and applied for the course. The course can be personalized based on our fitness goals. You can choose from body-building, strength training, flexibility, Yoga, Lean muscle building, cardio fitness.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

The 4-week course was divided into various modules-

  • Why you are doing it all wrong?
  • The real science of gaining strength, agility and flexibility
  • Preparedness before a workout
  • Scheduling your workouts
  • Nutrition before and after workouts
  • Portion control and Macros
  • Supplements
  • Recovery and rest
  • Scientific papers on the art of body-building
  • Weekend Desserts

I chose strength and flexibility as my goal. Each module comprises a recorded video explaining the subject followed by E-books for easy references and external links. As I started on with modules each module created more curiosity to dive deep into the subject. The learning module is designed in such a way that you complete the subject gaining a complete understanding of the module. the add-on resources serve as a bonus to further sharpen your insights. The course also has Q&A sessions weekly. As you complete the modules next set of modules are unlocked.

The best part is you don't need to change your diet and food habits drastically. You can still binge on the junk food of your choice but in limited amounts. Probably because the body needs a sufficient amount, we overconsume. The last module on Weekend Desserts is really fun about how you can progress on your fitness goals despite having limited amounts of processed junk.

How did it change for Me?

After I complete the course I implemented the facts and tips I learned in the course I started to feel the change. Changes in my diet and routine left me with the energy to do more. I was feeling energetic throughout the day. The additional resources on nutrition and recovery helped me understand how these factors are not less important to muscle building.

<First name>, this course is curated with inputs from top fitness coaches in India. You see the entire course divided into modules is not explained by one person, but a varied fitness and nutrition experts who are best in their fields. The module also comprises a specially recorded session by Sahil Khan which motivates you to develop a fitness lifestyle.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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Final Verdict

Rest assured, this course changed my outlook towards fitness. I am not only living a healthy life but also educated on why we need to follow a certain routine. This course can also be a foundation course for many aiming to become fitness coaches. Enrol for this course using my special invite and let me know in the comments below on the results it followed.