A World Without Technology!

Punit Wagle
3 min readOct 8, 2021

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Of course, brushing your teeth isn’t on the priority list anymore. You stretch your hand to reach out to your beloved — the mobile phone. You prefer scrolling through social media and not miss the important updates (you perceive it be) you missed when you were asleep.

Technology dependant

Admit it, 80% of today’s generation are tech-savvy and our lives revolve around technology. We spend most of our time with these so-called gadgets that we are almost handicapped without them. Mobile phones are almost glued to our bodies, we carry them everywhere we go. Living a life around technology makes it an indispensable aspect of the modern world and we might not survive without it.

But, suppose in a parallel universe you were asked to spend a day without any technology and modern amenities, would you survive? Or if you were left alone in a dense forest with just a spear in your hand (for self-defence) for some days where you need to hunt your own food and combat wild animals. Living a life our primitives lived would sound adventurous for a few but in reality, we would fear the insecurities. Read how society is turning out to be more technology dependant.

Ease by technology

Technology has made human life simpler. You don’t strive as hard to get our daily meals as you used to. We rely on modern gadgets like CCTV and sensors so we can have a peaceful sleep at night. You don’t have to walk miles long as fast modes of transport are readily available for you.

The biggest fallout would be communication. Today in a matter of seconds we can connect to a relative miles away from us. A cricket match being played in another nation can be telecasted to our screens irrespective of the time of the day. In short, we are living the future our ancestors dreamed of. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they dreamed and believed in it and as a result of which we are able to live it. It is how the human race evolves.

No technology!?

But how would our life turn out if today we are devoured of all the modern technology and asked to live a life opposite to what we are today? People would have to perform all the tasks today machines are being deployed for. Without technology, we would feel handicapped as we are slaves of our electronic gadgets.

In such a case it would be both beneficial and problematic to live a life without technology. Instead of reaching out to our mobile in the mornings, we would have free time to pursue a ritual of our wish. Be it exercising or morning prayers are simply meditation. Instead of glueing to our phones all day, people would come out and meet people actually (not virtually). Studies confirm that better communication is established when humans communicate face to face rather than over long distances. Also, human presence improves mood-enhancing hormones.

Conversely, our life would be tiring. Without TV and mobile, we would be searching for an alternate means for entertainment and dopamine hits. The ease of transport technology has caused us to adapt to it, which would be straining to let go of. We will have to travel by primitive means relying on horse carriages and cattle.


Technology has not only eased human life, but it also has made us lazy and timid. But overall, technology is an important part of human evolution and is most crucial for survival, but at the same time, one shouldn't be overly dependent on it. We should leverage technology, not technology leveraging us. What are your takes on technology and its impact on human life? Do let me know in the comments below.

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