2020- An unpredictable year

2020 was a roller coaster ride for me. None of us knew how to deal with the situation and panic spread all over. A whole year of uncertainties. No surety on when the world would open up to, I was sad and bored, wished all this to end quickly soon!

Planning 2020 in 2019

Learning the better way

I didn’t want to waste this free time and planned to get some additional knowledge through the internet. I learnt having relevant skills in the market is very important for being self-sufficient in life. I started to surf the internet for various skills in demand and got interested in the digital market. I enrolled on Digital Deepak’s offline video lectures and understood the basics of digital marketing. Learning digital marketing got me interested in bluffing and I paid up for the 100-day blogging course and soon I started my blog.

Apart from this, I was very keen to learn money management. I attended a few workshops on financial planning, mutual funds and the stock market. It further fueled my interest to learn deep into stocks and mutual funds. I got the required training and I am quite financially stable today.

Life was going well. But life pre-covid was much better. Being at home made my mood grumpy at times. I used to procrastinate and be lazy some days. I knew I had to complete a particular course but I used to excuse the availability of ample time and ease my valuable hours into social media or other forms of distractions. My mental health suffered. There was no get together among friends and close relatives which made me feel lonely at times.

Happy that it ended positively

Did you anytime predict a whole year being locked inside your home? Let me know how you predicted the year 2020 and how it turned out for you?



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